5 Important Reasons to Clean Your Air-conditioning Professionally

5 Important Reasons to Clean Your Air-conditioning Professionally

Please read our helpful information on why your air-conditioner or air-conditioners should be cleaned professionally. By following some simple steps, you can save money, improve the health of yourself and family members.

Studies have linked some types of sickness to air-conditioners. Dirty air-conditioners can harbor dangerous bacteria and mould spores. However due to the wide use of aircon. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where some medical issues may come from.

The fact is that is that in Sydney or the in the whole of Australia many of us have an air conditioner. However, our company has noticed due to experience its not something that may be a focus when it comes to cleaning generally.

The fact is our dirty air-conditioners are out of sight and out of mind. The filters and other parts of our units are covered.

The other issue is that air-conditioners should be cleaned by an expert. This article was written by experts on a range of mould eradication, air-purification, and other health-related services.

We hope you find the information useful and informative.

Have a Professional Clean Your Air-Conditioning Before Calling for Servicing

1 Most people do not know that a dirty air-conditioner is the major cause of either the system not working or running very badly. Many of us will think to call or contact someone in relation to a service matter. The truth is the first the thing that needs to be done is to have your system cleaned professionally. This could save you quite a lot of money considering a professional clean will cost under $200 compared to a complete service where parts will possibly need to be changed or sometimes being advised to get a new unit.

One strong fact is that cleaning an aircon unit is a very dirty job. Unless you are a professional you may find you have more mess than is necessary when cleaning your unit. An expert air-conditioning cleaning company should get the job done easily and with minimal fuss.

Note – If you have your aircon system cleaned by a professional, you may want to ask if they use a special anti-static coating to put the final touches on your sparkling clean air conditioning unit. This coating will help with the general running of the unit and improve the longevity of your aircon.

Save Money on Your Power Bill by Having a Clean Air-Conditioner

2 Did you know that not cleaning your air-conditioning system is going to cost you money if it is dirty? Most people don’t realise that an unclean air-conditioner is going put a drain on your power bill. By simply having your aircon cleaned professionally can save you a minimum of 10% on a power bill. True!!!

Systems that are running slower or having to use the cooling feature more often. Will have more strain on the system, therefore, using more power its all logical. To maintain the chosen temperature your aircon should be clean.

Health Issues Can Occur from Dirty Air-Conditioners

3 The air we breathe is crucial to our health. Sometimes when people see the state of their air-conditioning. They are shocked at the literal filth that is accumulated. This disgusting residue is then breathed into our lungs and bodies. Air-conditioners can hold mould spores and bacteria this has been proven to be dangerous.

Therefore, your system should be cleaned at regular intervals by a professional. Prevention is always the best cure. You should only need to see the results of a dirty air-conditioner filter and you can judge for yourself.

You also need to consider the size of the area and how many people the air-conditioned areas may be affecting. Those of us that are vulnerable such as the elderly, babies and people that are sick such as people undergoing chemotherapy are especially prone to the effects of mould or bacteria-infected air.

Improve the Efficiency and Life of Your Air-conditioning Unit.

4 Having your air-conditioning unit cleaned at regular intervals will improve the life of your unit and will dramatically improve the efficiency. During the hot weather and the very cold weather for reverse cycle units This will put a real strain on your unit. If the air cannot circulate the way it should, this will cause stress on the unit and will increase wear and tear faster.

By simply having the system cleaned for a small cost will prevent the chance of a complete breakdown at an inconvenient time. If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer for example. You may need to wait weeks for someone to look at it You then may need to wait more time for a new installation.

In general, you will get more bang for your buck if you have a clean aircon.

Be Smart Be Comfortable and Educate Other People

5 Generally, after your air-condition unit is cleaned by a professional it will or should be running better than the day you bought it. Not only will you not have to continually fiddle or adjust the unit. The temperature should be and stay exactly as you like it.

So many people don’t realise how much money they can save and how much more pleasant life can be by simply having a clean air-conditioning unit. Your friends and family will most likely ask you why your aircon works so well all the time. If you have office staff, your people will be so much more comfortable. Let people know why your unit or units work so well

We advise you to be smart and remember always contact an air-conditioning cleaning specialist before you contact a servicing company

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