Air Conditioner Cleaning

Why have your air conditioning unit cleaned, protective coated and serviced?


  • Save a minimum of 10% of it’s running cost
  • Dramatically improve the efficiency of the air conditioning unit
  • Greatly reduce the risk of exposure to mould and bacteria in your home or business
  • Better air quality
  • Longer life of the unit


The cleaning system we use is hydrophilic and anti-static and can last up to 12 months under certain conditions. other products have a dramitcally shorter life span.

What does a air-conditioning service cleaning and coating include?


  • Clean and treat air filter pads for mould and bacteria
  • remove air loveur (ect), and clean and treat for mould and bacteria
  • clean barrel fan evaporator and condensor, treat for mould and bacteria
  • apply the anti static and hydrophillic coating which is anti-corrosive


At mould removals sydney we can assure you a regular air conditoning service, clean and coating can remove alergens that are being blown thru your home, save you electricity with improved air conditioner efficiency and improve your comfort with better air condtioner performance.

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