Professional Mould Inspections in Sydney

Mould Removals Sydney is determined to help you, by a thorough inspection of your home first before removing mould, it is important to understand why the mould is occurring. during the inspection process, we look at your indoor air quality, ventilation, structural dampness and observe and gather information about your home from the occupant.
The technician will then grade the mould damage to the premises following the Australian Mould Guidelines and explain the results of the inspection with you in an easy to understand way.

Mould is Dangerous and Needs a Professional Inspection

Mould removal is not a simple process, you cannot simply spray the chemical on a surface where the problem resides. It is a little more complex of a process to achieve long-lasting results.
In the mould inspection process, we use a variety of special tools to measure the moisture in the structure and attempt to trace it to the root cause of the mould growth.
Mould removals Sydney’s mould removal technicians will inspect your property at a time that suits you.

Once the mould problem has been fully assessed your technician will then explain the results and recommendations with you for a solution and provide a full written report if it is required.
At Mould Removals Sydney cost is something we discuss up front so if remediation is needed all costs will be explained and need to be approved before any work commences.

Having a professional mould inspection is going to save you money in the long run. If there are mould spores anywhere on the surface of the property this means inside or externally. The mould is not going to go away. Mould is going to grow and will get worse, this will happen faster in wetter conditions.

We cover all types of inspections from large building inspections right through to a small studio apartment.

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