Rising Damp Sydney

If you grew up in Sydney Australia I am sure you may have heard of the term rising damp. This is an extremely common mould issue that is found mainly in older properties in the Sydney Metropolitan.

You will find many older homes in Sydney affected by this especially homes built before 1970.

To put things simply the main cause of this mould is underground water seeping through the tiny holes in your walls or masonry. This causes condensation to form, along with the right conditions. Such as warm air example heating, you have yourself a rising damp issue.

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Rising Damp on the Walls & Corners of Your Home

It is not only unsightly and can cause extensive damage to your home or business. It can be very dangerous to the health of family members or employees. Rising Damp due to the name primarily begins from the ground up. Attacking walls and creeping and eating the structure of your property.

With the risk of sounding dramatic, left untreated by a mould specialist. Has been known to eat the very structure of your home or property. This can lead to the ultimate collapse of structures of the home.

Saying this it is also common to find the problem in the corners of the walls due to the easier accumulation of condensation. In some cases, this can cause many expensive problems in the future. Mould is a live organism and can and will eat away and damage walls. If left untreated can lead to water leaks and water damage amongst other issues.

Rising Damp Treatment Sydney

When it comes to any mould in Sydney, is best treated by the services of a specialist. The area needs to be waterproofed by the injection of specialized waterproofing formulas into the walls of the property. Rising Damp is not an issue to be taken lightly. This can not only cause structural damage to the Sydney homeowner. If breathed in can cause major health and respiratory issues.

Rising Damp Preys on the Vulnerable

If this type of mould is affecting your home or property. You may want to think not only of yourself but possibly other residents of the premises. For example, if you have anyone living on the property with asthma. Breathing in spores to anyone suffering from existing breathing problems example emphysema can have extreme knock-on effects.

If you have elderly relatives or even young children and babies living with Rising Damp is best to speak with a mould specialist. This dangerous mould can affect people being treated for cancer and other illnesses. This ugly mould does not discriminate when it comes to weaker or more the vulnerable in society.

Did you know Rising Damp attracts Termites?

Once you have Rising Damp your problems may have only just begun. Rising Damp will attract termites. As mentioned earlier this can have devasting effects on any property. Termites as well known can again help weaken structures. Left untreated can even cause the collapse of part of your home or property.

Rising Damp Specialists Sydney

We are Rising Damp specialists in Sydney. For over 15 years we have been helping the residents of Sydney fight this problem. We use specialized waterproofing techniques that ensure results. Not only do we eradicate all types of moulds. We can also test and clean the air of the property.

Mould spores can travel and can be hazardous to health. Talk to us about air purification solutions. The air we breath is everything so if you want the best for yourself and your family. Don’t hesitate to reach out.