Rising Damp, Mould Removal, and Air Conditioning Cleaning, Sydney

Mould may seem to many people like a purely cosmetic problem within homes and buildings, and it is certainly true that it has an unsightly effect. But it also causes respiratory issues, sore throats, headaches, eye irritation, congestion and a host of other potential health issues if left unchecked, particularly among the most vulnerable members of the population.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is a major cause of damage to health and homes in Sydney. If you are seeking to eradicate rising damp from a property in Sydney. Choose Mould Removals Sydney today to get the results you expect. Rising damp has many detrimental issues that should not be ignored. Not only can damp cause irreparable damage to surfaces of the property. Rising damp can cause breathing and lung issues. If there are small children, elderly or anyone suffering an illness. Rising damp should be treated immediately.

Professional Mould Removals in Sydney

To free your business or residence from the creeping spread of mould or rising damp, professional attention is necessary. Our team at Mould Removals Sydney will find and eliminate mould where it appears, clean the air of the microscopic spores that it uses to reproduce and take active steps to prevent mould issues from appearing again.

Amateur efforts at mould eradication in Sydney are unlikely to eliminate the mould entirely, and attempts by inexperienced people to tackle the problem themselves can end up damaging the surfaces within the home. These efforts may still be unsuccessful in removing the entirety of the mould in the area, opening the door to a renewed effort by the mould to spread through the property and exacerbate the original problem.

For expert mould removal in Sydney, our experienced field workers represent the natural choice. We use an easy, fast and affordable procedure called the Goldmorr system, the best and most effective mould removal technique currently available for most situations. The Goldmorr system meets the problem directly, taking direct steps to erase mould from your property and prevent its return.

Important Facts About Mould

Mould is a notoriously stubborn substance, which can be frustratingly difficult to deal with except through modern removal techniques. It is present nearly everywhere, on surfaces or in microscopic form as spores. Its ubiquitous appearance can seem almost inexplicable, as it forms almost magically on bread, in basements, on walls and other (particularly moist) surfaces.

Mould grows quickly, produces a notably strong odour, and thrives in wet areas. Its spores can float on air currents or be carried indoors on clothing or pets. Even a standard air-conditioning or heating system can pump air full of mould spores into a room if a few basic conditions are met. Stopping the spread of this decidedly inconvenient life form is our #1 priority at Mould Removals Sydney, and our extensive training and experience allow us to be the best air purifiers in Sydney.

Keep Your Home Mould Free & Stay Healthy

To achieve a clean and healthy home environment, performing professional mould removal in Sydney is a necessary step. When your home or business benefits from our service, you’ll feel the air become fresher and the surfaces around you much smoother and more aesthetically appealing. You may even feel healthier, thanks to the purer air that is a result of the effects of the Goldmorr system.

Mould is admittedly a fact of life but it doesn’t need to be a big factor in life. Contact us now at 04888-MOULD to speak with one of our representatives, or send us an email at [email protected] to get yourself started on the path to a cleaner and healthier home. We serve Sydney and its suburbs so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of a mould-free home.

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Identify all signs of visible mould and finding the solution to the problem


Using the unique Goldmorr system to remove all visible signs of mould. Fogging the entire property to eliminate mould spores.


Once the mould is successfully removed recommendations are compiled to assist in the prevention of future mould growth.