Solar Panel Cleaning in Sydney

At Mould Removals Sydney we are proud to introduce new ways of effectively helping you save money and electricity. Solar Panels are a great way to create electricity and feedback power to the grid ultimately saving you lots on your power bill.

But however solar panels can lose efficiency and stop producing as much power as they were when they had just been installed. This can be due to dirt, dust, smog, ash, moss, bird droppings and a whole array of factors can stop your solar panels running at peak efficiency.

At Mould Removals Sydney we do solar panel cleaning, we have access to a unique coating that will keep your solar panels running optimally.

The quality of the product we use was born out of a void in the marketplace and demand from consumers, it is revolutionary and has very distinct qualities.

Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned in Sydney

The unique coating product we use is Self Cleaning and Hydrophilic. A lot of the products available to consumers refer to themselves as hydrophobic, meaning that they do not like water. if a coating repels moisture it will not clean efficiently as it has no moisture to perform the cleaning task. The product we use to coat solar panels loves moisture, why? it’s hydrophilic qualities ensure that it attracts sufficient moisture to self-clean.

Anti-Static, the antistatic qualities if the coating we use means that it does not attract dust, it repels it. This ensures less build-up of dust particles that require manual removal through direct contact cleaning processes which can affect the efficiency of the solar panels themselves. The unique coating, we use contains no tinting and is completely transparent ensuring maximum efficiency for your solar panels

And most of all safety, once the panels have been coated the need for manual cleaning is greatly reduced, to comply with our warranty we suggest that the owner of the solar panel simply use a garden hose from ground level to simply wash off any debris that has landed on the panels, this will ensure a greater safety aspect as you will not need to climb on to any rooftop.

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