Bathroom Moulds Sydney

Moulds Domination: The Danger of Bathroom Moulds in Sydney

Moulds In Your Bathroom

Bathroom Moulds – What is more disgusting than entering a bathroom with dark accumulated sticky dirt around?

Apparently, your bathroom has everything to encourage the growth of numerous bacteria and fungus. In fact, if you’re in Sydney, bathroom moulds can become a big problem.

Your bathroom ought to be a comfortable place but can also be quite dangerous.

Not only do most slipping accidents usually happen in this small room. But this is also where bacteria and fungi easily grow. Hence, the supposed to be a comfortable room can sometimes become your haunted room.

Furthermore, the bathroom is a favourite site of fungi to grow. It just gives them such a perfect environment to multiply with enough combinations of humidity and consistent moisture.

Hence, moulds seem to easily propagate and soon make your bathroom look like the scariest setting in a horror movie.

Why Bathrooms Get Moulds

Due to constant wetness and poor ventilation flow in your bathroom, it’s quite impossible to not have moulds anytime.

In fact, in perfect conditions, it will take only around 2 days for moulds to develop and grow. Thus, keeping your bathroom dry and well-ventilated could be the trick.

Having mould in your bathroom could also be an indication of other problems. You may need to check for water leaks, blocked bathroom drains, and burst or broken pipes. In most cases, you may need to contact mould removal experts in Sydney not just to clear the moulds but also to identify other possible root causes of the problem.

Why Are Bathroom Moulds Dangerous?

Your bathroom is, indeed, a breeding site of moulds. This is a fact that you need to really worry about as they can compromise your health and safety. Moreover, they can also cause structural damage in your tiles and walls or any affected areas as their growth can weaken out and wear out the materials.

There are different kinds of moulds to grow in your home. You may have white, orange, green, and black moulds. All these moulds are quite harmful to your health although the black mould is the most dangerous to have. Hence, in worst cases, mould experts would even advise you to vacate your home until the problem is resolved.

Well, no matter what type and level of mould infestation you have, their presence can put you at serious health risks. There are serious health problems that moulds can cause. Among these are:

Allergic Reactions

Primarily, mould spores contain allergens that cause your immune system to react with symptoms. Such as sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, cough, and itchy eyes, nose, and throat.

Asthma Attacks

Furthermore, constant exposure to bathroom moulds may trigger severe asthma. Hence, this includes symptoms such as coughing, shortness or difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and wheezing.


Moreover, allergens from moulds can certainly cause fever. Hence, fever is your body’s reaction to constant mould exposure which will also include symptoms like joint aches and chills.

Other serious effects of exposure to bathroom moulds are nausea and vomiting, skin rashes, dizziness, headache, bleeding in the lungs. Oftentimes, you would need to consult your doctor for proper medication. Additionally, what you primarily need is to get rid of moulds immediately to avoid having these health issues moving forth. To ensure that your bathroom moulds are completely removed, you may contact mould experts for help.

Bathroom Moulds Attract Household Pests

Sydney is a hotspot for a lot of pest problems that can even become bigger with the growth of moulds. For instance, bathroom moulds can attract these household pests for specific reasons below.

Your bathroom has been the best place for other insects or pests to go to find sustenance. The higher level of moisture and humidity have made this room quite a nice go-to place for some of the most stubborn, creepy creatures.

Mould Health Risks For Bathrooms

Mould’s presence makes your bathroom an even more attractive place for other pests to swarm in. The most common creepy-crawlies that usually love a musty bathroom are cockroaches, ants, termites,and Silverfish.

Cockroaches and ants don’t really eat moulds but they love the moisture that moulds hold. On the other hand, silverfish don’t just like a wet and humid environment but also feed on moulds.

The infamous termites can also be your next problem if moulds continue to stay and grow in your bathroom. The humidity attracts these pests and so they enter through the leaks on your pipe and the next things you’ll see are mud tubes forming on your walls and ceilings.

Moulds can break down any materials they’re on making it easier for termites to penetrate. For instance, your clogged drains in your shower, bathtubs, and basins don’t just build up moulds but can also provide an opportunity for termites to build their mud shelters.

Where Do Moulds Grow In Your Bathroom?

Moulds growth isn’t just an issue with cleanliness. As we’ve been discussing since the onset of this article, moulds thrive and prosper in an environment with constant moisture and humidity. Hence, your bathroom is moulds’ favourite breeding site.

When moulds start to develop in your bathroom, they can certainly spread and dominate the entire area quickly. Yes, they can reach every corner of the room where moisture and water usually don’t get dry immediately.

You may not easily recognise bathroom moulds unless the infestation has gone too large. They become obvious with their dark and disgusting appearance. Moreover, they usually start from hidden areas like under your sink or in your shower and bath fixtures.

Bathroom Areas With Most Cases Of Mould

The following are the most common areas in your bathroom where you can see moulds:

Bathroom Basin & Sink.

These are the areas in your bathroom that also accumulate dirt. Moulds like your bathroom basin and sink as they feed on soap scum and dirt.

Shower & Bathtub.

Moulds also feed on your body oils and soap scum, hence, your shower and bathtub are also the usual place in the bathroom that they grow faster.

Bathroom Drain.

Aside from the fact that the bathroom drain is always wet, the accumulation of dirt makes it a perfect environment for moulds to grow and foster. Oftentimes, mould can even cause blockage in your bathroom drain.

Tiles and Grout.

Moulds grow also in your tiles and grout in the bathroom and can be quite difficult to remove. Most of the time, especially for moulds in the grout, scrubbing may not be enough to clear them.

Bathroom Objects.

Anything in the bathroom that’s constantly wet can provide an opportunity for mould growth. These may include wet rags, shampoo bottles, and soap dish.

Top 7 Helpful Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mould Growth

Bathroom moulds in Sydney could be quite difficult to prevent or remove as the place has constant water and limited ventilation. However, since, these moulds develop only when the environmental condition allows, there are simple things you can do to prevent them.

The following are a few most common tips to prevent bathroom moulds:

Clean your bathroom regularly.

First, there’s nothing more effective way to prevent bathroom moulds growth aside from having a regular cleaning like twice or thrice a week. You may also use safe anti-fungal solutions or you may use natural anti-mould solutions such as vinegar at least once a month to inhibit mould to grow.

Dry wet surfaces or corners

Then, wet areas can promote moisture and humidity. Dry them by wiping your tiles, mirror, walls, windows, and sinks with a dry cloth or towel. You may also use a squeegee to help remove wetness.

Ventilate your bathroom

Next, the best way to reduce humidity in your bathroom is to allow proper ventilation. You can open the window or turn on your bathroom fan while you are taking the shower and after it to help remove the steam and will dry the air inside. If you don’t have a fan, you can leave your window and door open after using the bathroom.

Remove Objects You Don’t Need

Additionally, your bathroom is not your stock room. Crowded bathroom with many objects can promote mould growth. Therefore, you can remove those objects you don’t need and transfer them to your storage areas. Doing so will allow better air circulation inside your bathroom for all corners to dry quickly.

Inspect for water leaks

After that, broken water pipes are one of the most common reasons for the development of moulds. You need to always check your water fixtures such as your water pipes under the sink.

Fix your tiles and grouts

Next, tile cracks and open spaces in your grout lines are good areas for moulds to grow. You can just seal or get your broken tiles removed and replaced. In addition, your grout lines should be regularly sealed at least once a year.

Wash and dry your rags and towels regularly

Lastly, Cloths such as those made of cotton are a good breeding ground for fungi. Thus, you shouldn’t leave your wet rags or towel in the bathroom after using them. It will be best to wash or dry them outside after using them.

What You Should Do If You Already Have Bathroom Moulds

fragments in sink near window

Prevention is necessary, but what should you do if you already see the creepy moulds in your bathroom?  Should you get a brush and soap to remove it immediately? Is it safe to use bleach to kill and wipe it out?

Bathroom moulds are very difficult to eliminate. Just merely brushing the infected area may not be a good idea as it may worsen the problem. Not killing them before you brush or wash them enables more spores to spread and grow in another area, hence, aggravating the problem.

Mould infestation in your bathroom no matter how large or small is a serious problem that needs to be handled carefully. Since brush and soap may not really help, you need special treatment to effectively eradicate these creepy moulds.

Additionally, early signs of mould may still be remediated by simply brushing them with soap or with natural anti-fungal solutions. Vinegar is one effective way to kill moulds. You may spray the affected area with vinegar to kill the fungi.

How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Moulds?

Others may suggest using Borax or bleach solutions but you should use it with extra care. The borax solution may not have toxic fumes but can still be harmful as it can irritate your eyes. Moreover, bleach solutions may help but experts emphasise that inhaling its fumes can result in many lung problems.

If you have a bathroom moulds problem, it’s still best to reach out to moulds experts to get the safest and most effective solutions. In addition, experts can assess your situation and find out the root cause of the mould growth. Hence, they can provide specific advice to help you prevent the same problem moving forth.

Why Do You Need Moulds Experts?

Bathroom moulds are not just accumulated dirt as they may appear visually. They are stubborn fungi that grow and prosper for a lot of serious reasons. Hence, getting rid of them completely requires a thorough inspection. As well as eliminating the cause, and apply the most appropriate treatment carefully.

Treating bathroom moulds can be quite dangerous if you don’t know how to do it properly. It’s either you may just exasperate the situation or harm yourself with harmful solutions that you use. Likewise, it takes so much of your time and energy to clear your bathroom with these sticky moulds.

Oftentimes, there are underlying problems that cause bathroom mould growth aside from moisture and humidity. It may be quite hard to identify and you need someone to look into it for you. Hence, identifying and solving the other causes of your problem with moulds will give you the right solution you need.

Moulds experts certainly have broad knowledge regarding moulds and the right treatment to remove it.

Why Choose Us?

These professionals understand the importance of your safety and would put it as their top priority. Hence, they bring you solutions that are safe yet effective.

Bathroom moulds are indeed dangerous. It’s damaging, health-threatening, and provides an attraction for other pests to enter your property.

You may already see signs of mould growth in your bathroom now. Similarly, you may have been enduring this messy problem for a long time.

Don’t suffer anymore. Go and get help to save your health from these creepy moulds. It’s about time that you reach out to your moulds removal experts in Sydney today.

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